Teak Café Table | FSC® Certified

Teak Café Table | FSC® Certified

One of its most endearing qualities is the attention to detail. The rounded circumference of the tabletop and the thin-slatted inlay sets it off.

The gated table legs are a practical but attractive feature as well. Mortice and tenon joints fixed with teak dowels are used throughout giving added strength and making it perfectly suited for everyday use.


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Teak - the best wood for furniture making in general

Its natural oils, (tecto-quione), give the wood natural durability.

It has excellent workability - our teak cafe table is a great example of this.

Its colour and texture are exceptionally beautiful and over time the rich golden-brown hue turns to the silver-grey patina characteristic of aged teak.

Its oily nature makes it naturally resistant to moisture as well


Diameter: 75cm

Height: 74cm