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Garden chairs, seemingly simple, but years of experience, refined design and high-quality materials make SUNS outdoor dining chairs very comfortable. SUNS offers a wide range of outdoor dining chairs: regular, stackable or with an adjustable back, there is always a chair that suits you.

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Avero Dining chair x 4 Avero Dining chair x 4
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Avero Dining chair x 4

Dining chair SUNS Avero Stylish and comfortably wide dining chair with elegant rope. 

  • Durable aluminium
  • Fast Dry Foam®
  • Premium rope
  • Sunproof®
  • Weatherproof
€2,284.47 Regular price €2,295.95 Price
Matera Dining chairs x4

Comfortable and charming garden chair for at the table or use separately. Playful combination of aluminum and colourful rope gives the chair a summer look. Mix and match to your heart's content with the different colours. 

You Are Purchasing Matera Dining x4 no seat pad cushion in this purchase

€875.56 Price
Matinique Chairs x 4

This Purchase is for x 4 Chairs 

The tasteful Matinique is a playful, comfortable and modern chair. The use of high-quality materials additionally makes this garden chair light, strong and weather-resistant. quirky seat shell makes SUNS Matinique a popular garden chair.

The chair is very comfortable, with the Matinique seat cushion which is included in this purchase, has the right seat height to enjoy long dining sessions and it looks stunning in any situation. The chair is available with plastic seat shell in various colours. There are two options regarding the legs: hardwood (with teak-look) or aluminium

€1,113.92 Price
Leros Chair x 4

In this purchase, there are 4 Chairs 

The sleek design of outdoor dining chair SUNS Leros makes this garden chair popular at any table.
This garden chair is very comfortable. For more seating comfort, an additional cushion is optional.

Would you prefer even more seating comfort? Then select an additional cushion

€1,012.65 Price
Elos Chair x 2

Elos is a very comfortable chair; a cushion to sit on is not required. The steel frame, in combination with the colourful rope, give the chair a charming summer look. SUNS Elos is easily combinable with one of the various SUNS garden tables, for instance garden table

€497.49 Price
Vasca chairs x 4

This purchase is for 4 Chairs

A charming bucket seat made entirely of aluminium. Ideal for outside! Dining Garden chair is a playful and comfortable chair with a neo-classical touch. The use of high-quality materials also makes this garden chair solid and weather-resistant. The playfully shaped aluminium bucket seats are available in various colours.

Length x width: 53 x 62 cm
Height: 78,5 cm
Seat height: 46 cm

€865.15 Price
Nappa Chair x 2

This purchase is for 2 Chairs

Cross Weave extremely comfortable outdoor dining chair from the SUNS Nappa lounge and sofa sets line. High-quality materials ensure long service life.

    Durable aluminium
    Fast Dry Foam
    Sunbrella Stof

Length x width: 73 x 60 cm
Height: 87 cm
Seat height: 49 cm

€769.38 Price
Marbella Stacking Armchair

Stainless steel is very robust and will stand the test of time with regular use.

Easy wipe down and to clean.

Cutting edge Batyline Fabrics:

This is a patented fabric that comes with a five-year guarantee.

5 years Warranty 

€347.79 Price
Felice Dining Chair x 4

Minimum Quantity order on this chair X 4

Elegant Outdoor Dining chair SUNS Felice combines comfort with a sleek design.
The teak armrests give the chair an elegant look.

Stainless aluminium

Teak armrest


€1,397.92 Price
Cecina Teak chair x 4

Minimum Quantity order on this chair X 4

Dining Chair SUNS Cecina is a tasteful and charming choice. This dining chair, with its sleek lines, is a perfect addition to the garden tables and furniture sets from the various SUNS collections. The aluminium frame and teak armrests give this garden chair a contemporary look. The aluminium frame and removable and water-repellent cushion make the SUNS Cecina Outdoor Dining chair easy to clean. By using these materials, the chair can remain outdoors throughout the year. Very practical!

€1,100.71 Price
Tutti Teak 20

You are purchasing  X 20 Armchairs in this Order

Modern and comfortable dining chair that fits every outdoor situation.
Thanks to its colour and material, dining chair Tutti matches excellently with other garden furniture from the SUNS collections.

modern look, outdoor dining chair SUNS Tutti will fit in any garden. The use of high-quality materials and clever design guarantee maximum seating comfort and user-friendliness. For a 'warmer' look, the chair is also available with charming teak armrests

€2,747.46 Price
Antas Chair x 2

The attractive SUNS Antas Outdoor Dining Chair is a comfortable and modern garden chair. Its high-quality construction materials such as aluminium, Fast Dry Foam and SensoTex also make this chair light, strong and weather resistant.

The stylish SUNS Antas Outdoor Dining Chair has an aluminium frame. This aluminium frame is covered in Fast Dry Foam and finished with SensoTex. The use of these high-quality materials makes the garden chairs in the SUNS Collection weather-resistant and easy to care for. The Fast Dry Foam has an open cell structure which allows water to easily drain from the chair.

The SensoTex finish has the same weather resistance qualities as synthetics but feels like fabric. SensoTex is also very easy to maintain. The water repellent cushion ensures comfortable seating.



Water repellent cushions


€726.45 Price