Water Hyacinth Furniture

Forming a layer of plants on the surface of the water, the Hyacinth plant considered being a very harmful aquatic living organism. Especially when it comes to fishing, travelling or other activities involving water activities But one thing that is regarded as a luxury is the water hyacinth furniture.

Naturally, Water hyacinth is a free-floating plant that generally grows in water bodies like rivers, lakes, or ponds. It has dark green leaves that found mostly to be elliptical or circular. It was discovered that water hyacinth possesses an exciting and excellent quality material for the use of furniture production.

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Water Hyacinth luxury garden furniture

it’s not rattan at all the synthetic weave is based around natural water hyacinth making it thicker than most rattan out there and offering furniture that’s truly original in design.

characteristic the curves flow outwards across the top of the high set arms that are plentiful and wide in themselves combining with the deep seating,

Outdoor Cushions - Olefin Fabrics: First developed in Italy in 1957 these fibres are now that popular they account for 16% of all manufactured fibres.

They are colour-fast and UV Stabilised as standard.

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