Stratford sun lounger With drinks tray

Stratford sun lounger With drinks tray

Teak Sun Loungers, quite simply, the best and will last many years. sunbathing and relaxing,
in general, is concerned there is nothing the Stratford Sun Lounger doesn’t have.


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The adjustable top platform can be set in a horizontal position for lying totally flat and catching the rays when sun time is your only concern.

It looks great with a handcrafted finish in the finest teak the Stratford is primed for indoor and outdoor use.

Real thought has gone into the ergonomics of the design

However, there is also an adjustable backrest that adjusts the arm position at the same time.

And, is that’s not enough, the lower section can be raised and lowered separately to cater for your legs and back at the same time.

The adjustable parts have solid brass fittings that will stand the test of time and quite simply look great next to the golden hue of the teak itself.

Extended information

Height: 37cm 
Depth: 65cm 
Length: 200cm