Sandhurst Bench 2.4m

Sandhurst Bench 2.4m

jointed with mortice and tenon and teak dowels for long lasting sturdiness.

This also means it lends itself to commercial environments.

A one-time purchase that’ll last for years and years to come …

In fact it will probably out live you and us! And all you have to do is find the perfect place for it.


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Quality teak needs no maintenance at all once assembled – which we do for you anyway on delivery – all you have to do is leave it and watch the majestic ageing process take effect while it turns from the alluring golden brown to a uniform silver-grey.

If you prefer the new look of the wood as opposed to the aged effect then by using mild, soapy water and a vigorous cleaning motion the reddish, golden brown colur of the timber can be restored quite easily.

Or you can use our Teak Care Products that are specifically designed for cosmetic treatments or to help the aging process.


Length: 2.4M