Richmond Table 75cm
Richmond Table 75cm
  • Richmond Table 75cm

Richmond Table 75cm

finest quality teak this Richmond Bistro table looks great with its chunky central leg support and ornate supporting spurs at the bottom.

Great for both indoor and outdoor use


Diameter: 75cm

Height: 73cm


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 timber teak is far superior to any other – especially for outdoor use – and when new it has that beautiful honey-coloured lustre that we all love.

The wood is naturally high in oil content with a very dense grain to match which not only make sit supremely easy to work with but also means it is naturally protected against the elements all year round making the likelihood of cracking or splitting far less.

Over time the natural ageing process will turn the teak a silver-grey colour but there are a number of cosmetic treatments available to reverse this process or, in fact, speed it up if you feel the need.