Half moon armchair
  • Half moon armchair

Half moon armchair

Teak furniture is, quite simply, the best.
This is a well-known fact, as with any timber,
over time the teak will age and assume that silver-grey patina


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  • A high natural oil content combined with a dense grain makes teak far superior to other timbers for use in outdoor furniture.
  • The above two characteristics also offer it natural protection against the elements all year round reducing the likelihood of cracking or splitting occurring 
    and protecting it against insect and fungal attack without the need for external protectors.
  • The ageing process will turn the timber a silver-grey colour over time adding further character to the whole set.
  • All pieces in the set are made using mortice and tenon joints reinforced with teak dowels giving that long lasting quality and durability with regular use.


Height: 87cm 
Depth: 67cm 
Width: 80cm