Fiji Smooth Side Table

Fiji Smooth Side Table

Frames and Weave on this product are 100% Recyclable meaning each piece can be recycled without producing waste or damage to the environment.


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BIG CORE outdoor rattan weave!

The fibres on the Fiji Smooth-Side Table look and feel like natural rattan and our stunning new BIG CORE weave uses strands that are 12, 14 and 16mm in thickness.

There is a hand-finished sturdy inner frame with wide, flat teak feet in a resin finish and tempered glass tabletop making it perfect for regular outdoor use all year.

A cinch to clean down – you can either hose the whole thing down quickly or clean individual areas with a damp cloth.

Non-fade qualities with UV and colour stabilisers.

The fibres are tested for a high resistance to water, (sea and chlorinated included), and extremes of temperature making them perfect for use all year round.

The use of the highest quality synthetic fibres mean the rattan will not split or crack over time.

Manufactured to look and feel like natural rattan.