Chelsea Dining Chair

Chelsea Dining Chair

The  Chelsea Dining Chairs look fabulous when combined with a full dining set however big or small.

The design is simple and this what makes it so appealing really. slightly angled, high back and curved seating area make it comfortable to sit on with no need for a cushion and the overhang on the seat add a new dimension to the design.


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When not in use Chelsea's stack neatly on top of each other for discreet storage, another handy feature in commercial environments.

We only use the highest quality teak mainly from Thailand due to its world-renowned reputation for offering A Grade timber consistently.

The joints are hand-cut Mortice and Tenon with teak dowels used to add extra strength and long-lasting quality to the overall design

Only when you run your hand across the surface that you realise the quality of the finish that is not apparent with more inferior models on the market today.

The oily qualities and dense qualities of the timber make it perfect for use outdoors without having to worry about the cracking or splitting that is common to other timbers.

Soapy water and a tough brush to remove the silver-grey colour that is not to everyone’s taste but is a natural part of the ageing process.


Height: 91.8cm

Width: 48.1cm

Length: 60.7cm