Elephant Ornament

Elephant Ornament and the carving is executed perfectly with a slightly curved trunk and folded back ears in the classic happy elephant pose.

Hand-carved from Mango Hardwood which is well-known for being easily workable


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The timber is reclaimed from Mango Trees that have reached the end of their useful fruit-bearing life a process that helps to reduce deforestation overseas and offers local people a regular income.

The painted areas add a bit more character to the whole piece and if you look closely you’ll see that they’re textured with further carving as well.

Due to the handcrafted, individual nature of our ornamental furniture, the exact details may vary from piece to piece.


Height: 49cm
Length: 49cm
Width: 27cm

Please note that movement such as small cracks in the surface of your furniture is normal and part of the nature of the wood.

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