Lutyens 1.5m FSC Certified bench
  • Lutyens 1.5m FSC Certified bench

Lutyens 1.5m FSC Certified bench

Originally designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens the famous 19th Centur architect Lutyens Benches.

Only Mortice and Tenon Joints are used and these are reinforced
with Teak Dowells for unrivalled strength,We only use the highest
quality Grade A Teak in our  range of teak benches,workmanship
and come in a variety of classic and  contemporary styles,
It’s tolerates a wide range of temperatures so it can
be left outside all year round without being degraded by the weather.


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These Lutyens benches are approved by Forest Stewardship Council, they are constructed from sustainable wood that comes from managed forest that abide to the strict FSC regulation. A very graceful teak bench based on the design renowned by English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. With its beautiful back and large rolling arm rest making, it a pleasing and yet a comfortable seat to sit on. This hard wearing bench is built to last and will give you many years of enjoyment.


Teak Lutyens bench dimensions:


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lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-1.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-2.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-3.jpg  

Additional Images:
lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-1.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-2.jpg lutyens-1.5m-fsc-bench-XS-3.jpg