Indian Lorry Bar

Indian Lorry Bar

Genuinely upcycled by hand from decommissioned lorries in India you can see from the picture that this particular one is made from the familiar TATA company lorries.

And it’s great to see them live on and serve other practical purposes instead of just being scrapped.

This Purchase does not include the stools


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The tabletop is smoothly hand-finished from reclaimed timber with a Lime Wash for aesthetic appeal and to offer a bit of protection when used outdoors. Obviously, the decommissioned truck body will remain largely unaffected by the elements and easy to wipe down.

It’s also on wheels anyway so moving it really isn’t a problem, Complete with Shelving to the rear to hold your glasses & best Beers 

Each one, of course, is totally bespoke and has the wear and tear of the particular vehicle used which adds to the character and appeal in much the same way as our reclaimed teak furniture.

The original number plate is still in place as well - another bespoke and unique feature for you.
Also, headlights on the lorry still work making it great for use at night as both a table and an outdoor light 

This Lorry Bar comes in a Large Size and Smaller Size. 

Large Lorry Dimensions
Height 111cm
Width 259cm
Depth 54cm

Medium Lorry Dimensions
Height 95cm
Length 163cm
Depth 60cm